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Re: PC: Trains and Commercials

ummm not to be nitpicky but the Fiesta was the Ford "World Car" of the
1970's, the parts were made all over the world and it was supposedly made
to meet the requirements of all the countries it was sold in..basically
the Yugo was an updated Ford Fiesta...Ford Mini Trucks started out as
Couriers and are now the Ranger..but I do remember the commercial you were
talking about and I think it was for Full sized Ford Trucks.

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999 kurtrain -AT- erols.com wrote:

> Sorry that this isn't strictly on the subject of PC in commercials but I 
> remember a commercial from the late 70s for the new Ford mini-truck the 
> Fiesta.
> To demonstrate its pulling capacity, the ad company rigged a train 
> coupler to a fifth-wheel style hitch in the bed of the truck-let. They 
> also outfitted it with Fairmont drop wheels like on the Track Supervisor 
> trucks of old. (They didn't have to narrow the wheelbase any though).
> The truck was backed up to an open auto rack of you guess it, 15 Ford 
> Fiesta trucks, locked couplers with the auto-rack and proceeded to pull 
> the "loaded" auto rack behind the little truck.
> The real catch was reading the disclaimer at the end of the commercial. 
> Basically something to the effect that the truck had a modified 
> transmission with a lower gear ratio to allow it to put out more torque 
> to the tires. I guess my fried John Lynch's Fiesta wouldn't have made 
> the pull.
> FYI and I'm still full of silly useless trivia. God I love railfans.
> Kurt Thompson

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