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Re: PC: Trains and Commercials

I remember this commercial, too. I was impressed until someone I knew got
a dead locomotive rolling for respotting (to be stopped with handbrakes)
with a small jeep, assisted by a couple of people with lining bars.

Timken staged a promotional event to demonstrate the relative lack of
friction in roller bearings. A few (3?) secretaries pulled a locomotive
with a rope.

Bryan Turner

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999 22:00:28 -0500 kurtrain -AT- erols.com writes:
>Sorry that this isn't strictly on the subject of PC in commercials but 
>remember a commercial from the late 70s for the new Ford mini-truck 
>To demonstrate its pulling capacity, the ad company rigged a train 
>coupler to a fifth-wheel style hitch in the bed of the truck-let. They 
>also outfitted it with Fairmont drop wheels like on the Track 
>trucks of old. (They didn't have to narrow the wheelbase any though).
>The truck was backed up to an open auto rack of you guess it, 15 Ford 
>Fiesta trucks, locked couplers with the auto-rack and proceeded to 
>the "loaded" auto rack behind the little truck.
>The real catch was reading the disclaimer at the end of the 
>Basically something to the effect that the truck had a modified 
>transmission with a lower gear ratio to allow it to put out more 
>to the tires. I guess my fried John Lynch's Fiesta wouldn't have made 
>the pull.
>FYI and I'm still full of silly useless trivia. God I love railfans.
>Kurt Thompson

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