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PC: New Topic-PC Cabins

Aren't Eastern European pedal cars just a tad bit off topic? LOL -

Bill K.

Yes sir, you are right- so here is a new one:

What HO models are available for transfer-type cabins that were used by PC?
I saw an (NYC/PC) N6 listed in one of the internet brass lists a while back
(I think someone on this list bought it, as it said it had no trucks and
someone was looking for trucks for a caboose, 1+1=2) but what else is out
there?  I am not afraid of/against  brass (apparently one of the few on
PRR-talk that is not) as long as it is prototypically correct.
Scratchbuilding.....well....like I said, I am not against brass (lazy,
easier to right a check :-)

Garrett Rea

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