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Re: PC: Tv & Penn Central

There was a movie that came out in the late 1982 that had Burt Reynolds
and Goldie Hahn in it...the plot was that Burt was coming with Goldie to
meet her parents who lived in Buffalo and they arrived at Central
Terminal...the name of the movie was "Best Friends"  I havent seen the
movie but I know that the Terminal was used in the arrival of the couple
in Buffalo.

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, David Maxwell wrote:

> I have been reading the post s on the Penn Central & Tv   Do any of you
> know of a tv show that filmed part of a episode at the Buffalo Terminal
> ?  We thought it was the Fugitive But a little surfing told us otherwise
> . As far as the Muscle Cars & Penn Central I remember being at one of
> the yards in Buffalo I think it was off Walden Av waiting for my Dad to
> get off work there were a couple of the cars with the Camero  SS & Nova
> SS my Brother fell in love & baught one a week later 69 Nova SS 396
> When cars were made to run !! 
> <~~Thanks & Take Care David Maxwell~~>

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