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PC: PC Auto Parts Cars

A few years back on TV Land there was a Dodge or Plymouth commercial
(maybe for a Duster) that had a young woman taking the car on a test
drive through a corn field. There was a string of auto parts cars in the
background of one shot, and at least one was PC.

It has been several months since I've seen TV Land, but I assume they are
still running old commercials. My favorite car commercial on that channel
was the one for The Judge with Paul Revere and the Raiders.


On Tue, 16 Feb 1999 22:25:00 EST BMills1958 -AT- aol.com writes:
>Does anybody else remember the late 1968 Chrysler or Plymouth TV 
>that featured a SOLID Penn Central auto rack train with new Mopars?  
>engines to caboose, the whole train was PC--this at a time when seeing 
>a train
>with just all PC power and a PC caboose would have been rare.  Hadn't 
>much about that until the question was asked.

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