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Re: PC: Grand Central Terminal

Bout time they kicked the damned winos out of Grand Central Terminal. The last
time I was in the place, I could not avoid seeing these parasites all over the
place, not only sleeping on the benches, but in the men's room as well, which
made me all the more eager to get on my train as soon as possible. That was in
the days when Amtrak was still operating Empire Service in and out of GCT.
Even then, I still thought it was a pretty grand place to pass through or
visit, or even raid the timetable racks that were there. If only the
housecleaning had been done sooner, but at least it is done. Now we don't have
to worry about a bunch of no good winos turning the station into a cesspool of
urine and who knows what else.

Jim Mancuso

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