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PC: Nashville GATS/GP 20/Stewart ALCO


Had two persons stop me while operating at the Nashville GATS show, both PC
modelers and both into modeling PC passenger trains.  One of them mentioned
that he obtained PC decals from a firm in Chicago, including letter sets for
car names.  He could not remember the company's name, any leads?  Ran a
passenger and a coal train and oops, forgot my camera again, I will get some
model photos to send in sometime......

Bought a P2K GP20.  Broke my new year's resolution of not buying any more
EMD products, but hey, for $20 less than the cheap mail order shops are
asking for them, at $35 I would have insulted the gentleman had I not taken
it.  So I came home with a very nice little (each of their locos is better
and better) NYC GP 20.  Only other purchases were two Eastren Car Works B60s
and two X-29s for REA service.  I will paint one B60 for PC, the rest is for
dear-old-dad's PRR mail train.  Cheapest GATS show yet...everything else I
was looking for (Quality Craft Flexi-van and Bowser N5c in focal orange) I
could not find.

My question is, what to do with it? I do not have any ex-NYC freight locos,
but at the very least I will have to re-number it.  From the photos I have
seen, they kept the NYC "font".  Unfortunately, my 1977 ConRail guide shows
it in their minimal re-paint (black) already with the chunky PRR "font"
numbers on it. I have yet to find one in PC paint on the 'net.  I would like
to keep it NYC, numbered for the merger or, at the most, give it minimal PC
treatment (keeping the white on the running boards and the like, retaining
its NYC flavor) if anyone has any input, it would be most appreciated.

Also, with P2K coming out with an E6 this summer, I will again have to get
yet another EMD loco.  Now to decide on undec to paint as SCL or the P2K
factory yellow and gray L&N version.....I want to do some SCL passenger
cars, but again, NO DECALS!!!!  P2K is to announce two more locos yet this
year (not counting GP 30 and E6) and is talking about developing some
passenger cars, so this could be an exciting and expensive year.

Any word on the Stewart Alco yet??

Garrett Rea

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