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PC: Penn Central Ballast Hoppers

My February '99 issue of Mainline Modeler arrived last night, and as I was
reading through the aritcles, I came upon a great photo on page 32.  In the
foreground is the subject of the article, a welded steel gondola, but in
the background there is a string of about 9 Penn Central ballast hoppers!
They were actually the first thing I saw in the photo, the color was hard
to miss! These are all painted in the yellow MOW scheme and appear to be in
the 31xxx series.  From what I could tell, these cars look to be converted
from 70T 2 bay covered hoppers (probably PRR H33,H34 & the NYC equivalent
classes) They have side discharge ballast doors, and retain the ends of the
roof sections. 

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