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PC: The irony of it all/ Model Railroading/Lines West Fest-


With all of the discussion of PRR and NYC to PC to ConRail and back to
PRR/NYC I thought I would pass on the following:

The model railroad club where my father worked/works (semi-retired) built a
layout many moons ago.  They modeled the Panhandle from Columbus to Nerk
(Licking county for Newark) for their layout in HO.  They did not wanted to
name it after any of the lines that actually ran on it, so they named the
line.....Ohio Central.  They are not suing for infringement......

Has anyone recieved thier copy of the Jannuary issue of Model Railroading
yet?  I have not.  This will be my first issue.  Are they habitually late?
They told me that they were shipping around Jannuary 20 or so.  I just got a
copy of the March/April Vintage Rails from my father who was done with

Anyone going to Lines West Fest in Xenia Ohio?  I am at this time.

Garrett Rea

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