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Re: PC: PC Gondola - Beacon Park

Dear Jerome and the List:

Early this morning....approx 3am there was a 3 unit power set in Frontier
Yard here in Buffalo...if I remember correctly it was the power for BUSY
(Buffalo-Syracuse), all CR consist led by a 5500 series engine, 2d unit I
dont remember what it was, and the third unit was a CLEAN B23-7 (1900
series).  On the short hood there was an oval shaped piece of steel (like
where they would have mounted a low headlight on the unit) and right in
the middle of the oval was the now common black background rectangle with
NYC in large white letters (akin to the type used on the newly restenciled
CR freight cars)

Loco shop hijinks or is this what they will be doing I dont know!

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, JEROME A ROSENFELD wrote:

> No they will not ne sublettered. What good is sublettering when you 
> cannot bring back the real thing.

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