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> The Golden Spike Centential Limited was the work of Ross Roland
> and his High Iron Company. The train was operated to the 100
> annaverisory celbration of the the driving of the golden spike linking
> the UP and CP railroads to form the first transcontinal railroad.


>  The trip out was via Chicago if I rember right.

I remember standing at a country road crossing (south of Urbana, Illinois),  I
believe in the late 1960's,  watching a NKP Berkshire pull a train through
Central Illinois on its way west for a Golden Spike event.  The trackage where I
saw this was originally the Wabash line from Indiana through Danielle to
Decatur, Illinois, and points west, but now (and then) owned and operated by the
Norfolk Southern, ne: Western.  This route passes through Illinois about 150
miles South of Chicago.


> NKP 759 to have pulled the train all the way from the New York
> area to Salt Lake City and then back to Washington DC was quite
> a feat.
> Bob Stafford


H.G. Scott

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