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Re: PC: Research

As an additional wrinkle, law suits under FELA can, if I understand it, be filed

in any county where the railroad does business.  There is an art form to
knowing which counties have the most favorable juries to the plaintiff.


Harold Scott wrote:

> David:
>     For information about a lawsuit and other things about this situation, I
> suggest that you begin your search at the County or Federal Court House with
> jurisdiction, (of which should contain some records on this matter).
> First, look for a Death certificate and Coroner's Inquest reports on the
> cause of death,  in the County where he died.  Next, Look in the County
> Court House Circuit Clerk's Office for the indexes to Civil Suits at  the
> time period starting just after his death.  Check the Court House in the
> county of residency at the time of his death, first (I Presume that this is
> also were he actually died and could save an extra trip to the Coroner's in
> a different county).  Second, look in other places such as the County Court
> House where the Accident took place.  Third, look in the Federal Court
> Houses in the district of residency  and/or where the accident took place.
> If you find where the lawsuit was filed, you will then also find out who the
> Lawyer was who filed the suit and you could contact him or his Law Firm and
> they might be helpful to you.  You should be able to find out from the court
> file what was claimed on behalf of your father and what the railroad
> responded with, as well as what the final Court decree was.
> However, some lawsuits are settled out of court with the record Sealed.  If
> that is the case, you should still be able to find the fact that the suit
> was filed and who filed it,  but you might not be able to find out what the
> outcome was.
> H. G Scott
> David Maxwell wrote:
> > Hi I just got on the list my Dad worked for the NYC & Penn Central out
> > of Buffalo NY . I am looking for info about a accident that as I have it
> > happened in the Rochester NY yard  in 1971 . My Dad "fell" breaking his
> > leg which with complications lead to his death .  As a kid no one ever
> > gave us a "straight" story or the outcome of a lawsuit . To this day all
> > is hush any info you may have or a tip on where to look will be
> > appreciated.     Thank s in advance David Maxwell
> --
> Thanks,
> H.G. Scott
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