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Re: PC: Re: Number board longshot....

> Might be easier to have one made up someplace.  All they are is
> plexiglass or fiberglass, for a PC-style one you could always take white
> plexiglass,

Now that would just be cheating, wouldn't it... :^)

> mask your numbers and paint it (which is how the NYS&W did their number
> boards).   If it was black on white, would be easier, I have an EMD-style
> CSX one which is black numbers glued on the white plexiglass.

I have a couple of PC number boards.  The EMD boards are fiberglass with
black and white markings.  Certainly easy enough to replicate. 

However, there is a certain satisfaction associated with collecting real RR

My home address has a *very* New Haven flavor to it... 4610 Shoreline.
PC 4610 just happens to be an ex-NH loco, so it would fit very well. :^)

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