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Re: PC: PC 4902 -Reply

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The Golden Spike Centential Limited was the work of Ross Roland 
and his High Iron Company. The train was operated to the 100 
annaverisory celbration of the the driving of the golden spike linking 
the UP and CP railroads to form the first transcontinal railroad. 
Ross was able to get cars from several railroads to use on the 
train. The entire trains was painted light blue with a yellow gold 
lettering and striping. Ross had cooperation from the AAR in 
setting the fee per mile over each member railroad that the traijn 
operated on. The train orginated out of Grand Central Terminal. It 
was pulled by an electric out to Croton-Harmen where NKP 759, a 
2-8-4 Berkshire replaced the electric and pulled the train all the 
way to Salt Lake City. The trip out was via Chicago if I rember right. 
The trip back was via Kansas City. Do not remember the route east 
of their any more. The trip go to Washington DC and was pulled by 
the GG1 4902 to Penn Station New York where the trip ended. For 
NKP 759 to have pulled the train all the way from the New York 
area to Salt Lake City and then back to Washington DC was quite 
a feat. 
Bob Stafford

> Christopher J. May wrote:
> Hey everybody...
> 	Was browsing through the pictures on alt.binaries.pictures.rail
> and came across PC 4902@sunnyside yd 9-20-69. Now if you will
> please excuse my asking a dumb question. I noticed that it was painted in
> a blue and gold "American Railroads" paint scheme. What was this paint
> scheme? 
> In 1969 AAR put together a train that toured America to celebrate the
> centennial of the completion of the transcontinental rail line in 1869.
> Why did it come it to being? 
> Distinguish the train from everyday equipment.  Virtually all member roads
> contributed equipment and they wanted a uniform "look."  The equipment
> ran in AAR colors for a short time after being returned to the lending
> railroads.
> How long did it last? 
> Just until May 1969.  After the train completed its trip the equipment was
> returned to member roads and repainted as time permitted.  PC 4902 ran
> in the AAR scheme for a while until being repainted  in late 1969 or early
> 1970.  FYI - Before being repainted in the AAR scheme GG-1 4902 wore
> a "Red P" scheme.
> Robert Holzweiss
> "Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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