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PC: PC X45

  Having posted a message on the subject just around noon today, I was
surprised later this afternoon to come across a new and soon to be widely
available reference that illustrates the difference between "rolling pin" and
"banana"-shaped Improved Dreadnaught ends.
  On the way to work, I stopped by the local hobby shop and picked up a copy
of the just-issued January 1999 Model Railroading, which contains Greg
Martin's article, "Pennsylvania X45 50' Boxcars - Modifying Accurail's 50' AAR
  Off to the left of center on page 28, there's a prototype photo of PRR 73000
that clearly shows an Improved Dreadnaught end with "rolling pin"-shaped ribs;
however, just up to the right, in the close-up of the Accurail kit used to
model the X45, one can view an HO scale box car end made up of ribs with a
distinct "banana" taper.
  The article includes information on variations in PRR box car lettering,
plus 7 prototype photos of X45's, including one lettered for the Penn Central.

    Tom Jelinek
    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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