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PC: PC ALCO Cab units- -Reply

Garrett Rea writes

Did someone say ALCO???   Well all righty then,  'ere are a few
questions that have stumped me-

1, When did the last of the NH PAs go to the happy enginehouse in the
sky?? (Ditto PRR/NYC)

None to Penn Central - 

NH - ca. 1966-1967.  Most traded to GE for U25B's.  NH PA-1 0783 was
sold by GE to the D&H in late 1967 to be used as a parts supply for their
ex-AT&SF PA's.

PRR - All fifteen PA-1's and PA-2's retired 09/27/62 although many out of
service before that date.  Traded on a one-for-one basis to ALCO for
DL640's / RS-27's PRR 2400-2414.

NYC - The last PA-2's and PB-2's were retired during 05/65 and traded to
GE on U25B's.  NYC PB-2 was reengined with an EMD engine in 1955 but
was still retired in 1962.  

2, Did any ALCO FBs make it into PC paint?  I have seen NYC painted
ones in PC trains. (numbers)

One of the ex-NH FA-1's was repainted.  See Yanosey's PC Power for
photo.  I doubt if any ex-NYC units were painted PC.  Almost all ex-NYC
units were out of service by 1969.

3, What railroads gave PC FAs, and what got painted for PC, and

NH and NYC still had FA's.  PC 1350 (NYC 1050) was the only ex-NYC
FA to receive a full PC paint scheme.  It was repainted into a "Red P"
scheme in 1968.  

NH still had four FA's that were rebuilt in the early sixties by ALCO.  PC
1330 (NH 0401) and PC 1333 (NH0428) were repainted into PC scheme. 
I do not know if PC 1331 (NH 0418) and 1332 (NH 0426) were repainted.
Check Yanosey's PC Power for pictures.  

4, When did regular use of FAs discontinue w/PC?

About June 1971

5, Where were they run?  NYC used them in Ohio and  I've seen photos
of them MUed in freights in PA (with PRR 630 Century) as well.  RNE had
a photo of an ex-NH unit in PC paint taken in Boston on the cover one

Cannot answer this question.

6, PRR contribute any?

No - All retired by PRR by 01/67.

P.S.  The last NH DL109 (0716) was painted orange for service as
portable power plant in 1957 to test third rail apparatus on lightweight
trains and FL-9's.  It was renumbered PP716.  By 1960, when the
lighweight trains failed to operate efficiently and were removed from
service the PP716 was stored and finally scrapped by PC in late 1970.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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