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PC: PC ALCO Cab units-


Did someone say ALCO???   Well all righty then,  'ere are a few questions
that have stumped me-

1, When did the last of the NH PAs go to the happy enginehouse in the sky??
(Ditto PRR/NYC)

2, Did any ALCO FBs make it into PC paint?  I have seen NYC painted ones in
PC trains. (numbers)

3, What railroads gave PC FAs, and what got painted for PC, and numbers?

4, When did regular use of FAs discontinue w/PC?

5, Where were they run?  NYC used them in Ohio and  I've seen photos of them
MUed in freights in PA (with PRR 630 Century) as well.  RNE had a photo of
an ex-NH unit in PC paint taken in Boston on the cover one time.

6, PRR contribute any?


Enjoying the day off-

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>I thought that the only "PC" DL-109 was the ex-NH unit which was used as
>some kind of stationary test unit. It was painted some kind of faded orange
>or pinkish color by the time it was scrapped in 1969 or 1970 at Dover St.
>yard, Boston.

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