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PC: N6a caboose -Reply

>>> Countryman, Kelly <kelkel -AT- torchlake.com> 01/28/99 04:00am >>>
What type of trucks were used on the N6A transfer
Have a brass model and need to put a pair on it.


The N6A transfers ran on both Bettendorf freight trucks and
Swingmotion (caboose) trucks.  From photos I've seen and per
Caboose Data Book # 1 by N.J. International, a lot of truck swapping
must have occurred over the years, since both types are used.  The
N7 bay windows also had at least 2 types of trucks.

On my N6A's, I'm using Central Valley Bettendorfs.  The Overland
N7 has the correct Swingmotion type, but I know of no readily
available truck to match them, as they have friction bearings.


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