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PC: Dome passenger cars

The SAL cards were called sun lounges. These cars have a very distinctive
appearance. Imagine a 10-6 with the roomette area opened up for a lounge,
with windows similar to the top of a superliner lounge and you have a
basic idea of these cars.

SAL had three of these cars. They made it through the SCL merger and into
Amtrak. I think one of these cars was scrapped. One is privately owned in
Nashville, Tennessee. I think a private owner was able to save a third
one for restoration. 

The Hollywood Beach is in Nashville. The priavtely-owned Hollywood Beach
is a beautiful car, which can be leased (Amtrak compatible). It is
sometimes used on the Broadway Dinner Train and Tennessee Central Railway
Museum trips, often pulled by PRR and NYC E units. It usually goes to the
private car owner conventions; once you recognize this car you can't miss
it in the photos.

It is my understanding that the big bottlenecks for the New York -
Florida trains were (are) Penn Station and the Potomac.

Bryan Turner

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999 13:33:59, -0500 ERIE_LACKAWANNA -AT- prodigy.com ( JEROME
A ROSENFELD) writes:
>They were only able to use the domes west of Albany. They would never 
>fit in NYP or GCT
>SAL had a dome like car without to dome for NYC Trains. It was a 
>conventional car with large roof mounted windows

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