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Re: PC: PC 4902 -Reply

Aint it a bit interesting that the color of that AAR train is almost an
exact match to CR's locomotive colors...just an observation!

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Robert Holzweiss wrote:

> Christopher J. May wrote:
> Hey everybody...
> 	Was browsing through the pictures on alt.binaries.pictures.rail
> and came across PC 4902@sunnyside yd 9-20-69. Now if you will
> please excuse my asking a dumb question. I noticed that it was painted in
> a blue and gold "American Railroads" paint scheme. What was this paint
> scheme? 
> In 1969 AAR put together a train that toured America to celebrate the
> centennial of the completion of the transcontinental rail line in 1869.
> Why did it come it to being? 
> Distinguish the train from everyday equipment.  Virtually all member roads
> contributed equipment and they wanted a uniform "look."  The equipment
> ran in AAR colors for a short time after being returned to the lending
> railroads.
> How long did it last? 
> Just until May 1969.  After the train completed its trip the equipment was
> returned to member roads and repainted as time permitted.  PC 4902 ran
> in the AAR scheme for a while until being repainted  in late 1969 or early
> 1970.  FYI - Before being repainted in the AAR scheme GG-1 4902 wore
> a "Red P" scheme.
> Robert Holzweiss
> "Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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