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Re: PC: More PC photos on a.b.p.r

Jerry Jordak wrote:
> Hey gang,
> In addition to Stephen Foster's PC pictures he posted on alt.binaries.
> pictures.rail, Joseph Testagrose has posted some PC electric photos
> in the past couple of days, including MU cars and electric locomotives.
> I'm saving most of the photos for eventual use on the PC pages (Joe
> has given me permission in the past to use his pictures), but if you
> don't want to wait for me to clear my backlog of material, head on
> over to the newsgroup and check them out--he's posted some really
> fantastic pictures. (Even one of the 4780--PC's only DD1 electric!)
> Later,
> -Jer
> --
	These are great photos. An easy way to access them is to point your
browser to http://www.railfan.net/railpix/ABPR/
The pictures are archived by month.


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