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Re: PC: RailPix-Site-Update 1/23/99

According to the 3rd Edition Roster Book from Kalmbach, Amtrak 772 is the
former L&N 1710.

Accoridng to Diesel Locomotive Roster: Louisville & Nashville Railroad
(1939-1982) by Robert Sells, 1710 was buildr number 10551, built is
September 1950 and originally Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis 710. It
became L&N 1710 after the merger (L&N just added 1000 to many NC&StL
diesel numbers) and was later renumbered to 478. Acoording to this
reference it was wrecked in Birmingham, Alabama in October 1975 and sold
to Precision National Corporation in February 1976, who rebuilt it as
Amtrak 722. This information is confirmed in Louisville and Nashville
Diesel Locomotives by Castner, Flanary and Gordon.

Accoedring to the Kalmbach roster Amtrak 782 is the former L&N 493. This
was previously L&N 1703 which was the NC&StL 703. This was one of the
first five Geeps bought by NC&StL (BN 7442, January 1950) and was
orginally equipped with switcher trucks and no M.U. I believe this is
from the original railroad order of GP7 locomotives, although the U.S.
Army may have ordered some before NC&StL.

By the way, one NC&StL F is still around; it was part of the CRR/SBD/CSX
A-B-B-A business/excursion F set.

Bryan Turner 
On Sun, 24 Jan 1999 01:36:04 -0500 Stan Feldman <railpix -AT- home.com>
>      Thanks for the information. I am also having a hard time finding 
>on this GP-7.  Does anyone one the list have any more info ??
>                              Stan
>lnrr -AT- juno.com wrote:
>> I believe 772 was originally an NC&StL locomotive that came to the 
>L&N in
>> the 1957 merger. I am having a hard time with some conflicting
>> information in various references, but it appears that the L&N may 
>> gotten rid of this locomotive in 1976 after it was in a wreck. This 
>> be one of the oldest operating Geeps, since NC&StL was an early (if 
>> the earliest) purchaser of Geeps.
>> Bryan Turner
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