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PC: Use of FP-7s by PC/Passenger car mods


Did any of the ex-PRR FP-7s make it into PC as passenger units?  My father's
inquiries found one example of PRR using them even after the re-numbering
for PC in passenger service.  If anyone can confirm their assignment in PC
let me know.  All PC era photos that I have seen show them in freight

I have one old IHC Budd passenger car that I have modified to try and
improve its performance.  Went to MDC commonwelth trucks, bodymount kadees,
good operating diaphrams, and added a bunch of weight.  Looks better with
proper trucks (36" wheels) and lowered a bit to-  gives the car the
appearance of having more "mass" vs. the out of the box model designed to
take 18" curves.  I'll let y'all know on the results.


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