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PC: Fwd: [n] Annual FREE Show

I came across this on a N scale list.  Looks like an excellent opportunity to
publicize/educate about PC, especially for anyone in the area of Putnam County
or the Hudson Valley area in NY.
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From: "Drew Dubler" <drucifer -AT- worldnet.att.net>

During autumn, over the past few years, the Putnam Historical
Model Railroad Club (URL
htm>) has put on a free railroad multimedia (slides/film/video
tape) presentation.

We are seeking a subject and a spokesperson(s) for our next
presentation. The only requirement is that the subject matter
has to have some connection to the greater New York area. Our
last show on railroading in the Appalachian region did not have
a good draw. We learn that we must stick with a subject matter
that would be of interest to individuals from this area. We are
also seeking an individual or group to put on a clinic(s). A
coordination between the presentation and clinic would be great,
but not a necessity.

The following is a quick list of subject and clinic ideas the
club is interested in presenting. . . .
    Passenger Service past and/or present and/or future in the
Greater New York area.
    History of Conrail - New York Central - New York, New Haven
& Hartford.
    Railroading History of Brewster or Danbury or any other area
that fairly close to Putnam Co.
    Painting and/or Weathering Equipment
    Getting true railroad operations on a small model layout.
    Layout Construction and/or Design
    Track Laying - Grades and/or Radii

Please contact Mike Bibbo, club president at 914-225-2022 for
more details.

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone that you think
will be interested.

Drew from Cold Spring, Putnam Co., NY



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