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Re: PC: Microscale attaboy-/Stewart ALCO 628

Garrett the last time I saw Steve Stewart on Sat evening he said that they
were waiting for the shipment of sprues containing the fuel tank and motor
mounts. All molds have been test run . They are currently finishing up the
last of the SF FT units when these are done the 628's will hit the assembly
line. They have been assembling trucks and some other components so they will
be ready when the last of the parts come in. Steve said he would let me know
when they are going to ship and when he does so I'll post it here. The first
ones out the door will be the undec's in both the PRR/PC/CR version and the
other oone which has the vertical headlights two sand fillers and plow style
pilot. The PRR/PC version that I have run on my rr has the correct horizonal
headlights and single class light above the number boards. It runs the same as
my Kato SD-40/45's. Good to hear about the PC decals the loss of Herald King
really puts a cramp in any PC paint projects.      Ken McCorry

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