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PC: (offtopic) Usenet newsgroup primer

Garrett Rea wrote:
> Me too!  Had NO luck!!

This is really off-topic, but if it will help.....

Stephen posted the scans on a Usenet newsgroup. Usenet is a collection
of thousands of newsgroups, which are like bulletin boards that people
can read and post to. They're similar in concept to mailing lists like
this one, except instead of getting the messages one at a time in your
mailbox, you browse through the message using a newsreader program. If
you don't think you have a newsreader or don't know what one is,
contact your Internet provider and they can help you. Once you get a
newsreader configured and working, go to the newsgroup
alt.binaries.pictures.rail and look for the PC photos. If they're not
there, they might have expired already (newsgroup messages only hang around
so long, depending on the ISP settings on the news server).

If you can't get the pics through a newsreader, you can also try a
web-based Usenet site, such as DejaNews, but I don't think they archive
binary attachments.

If Stephen gives me permission, I was going to post a couple of the
pics (probably the GP30 pics) on the PC web site. OK with you, Stephen?


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