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Re: PC: PC Scans going onto newsgroup starting today.

Stephen Foster wrote:
>  I posted 9 PC gg1 , EP-5 and E units In PC mta blue and white on
> alt.binaries.pictures.rail      newsgroup
> this evening.  There will be a batch each day for the next five or six days.
> just thought PC fans ought to know.  From my "stash".

Nice looking photos! One minor caveat: the "E units" are one axle
short of an E--they're actually ex-New Haven FL9s. :-)

The photo of GG1 4836 looks like it was taken at SA Tower at South
Amboy, NJ--can anyone confirm/deny?

BTW, apologies for the list problems the past day or so--it seems like
the DNS records for smellycat.com got lost or something, because nothing
to my domain was resolving most of the day Saturday. Everything should
be working OK now.


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