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PC: Penn Central Mag Trade Deal

Hello Penn Central Fans,

I'm looking for the following PC Railroader Magazines listed below. If
anyone has duplicate issues to sell or trade, please let me know.

Jan-Feb 1973, Mar-Apr 1973, May-Jun 1973, Jul-Aug 1973, Nov-Dec 1973,
Jan-Feb 1974, Mar-Apr 1974, May-Jun 1974, Jul-Aug 1974, Sep-Oct 1974

I have these PC Railroader issues to trade, Nov-Dec 1974, Mar-Apr 1975 &
Nov-Dec 1975. So if you have any duplicate issues of the ones I need and
you need any of my duplicate issues, perhaps we can make a trade.

Option Number 2,

If you don't have any of the PC Railroader issues I need but have some
Penn Central Posts in excellent condition, I would trade for those also.
If interested we can work something out.

I need the following Penn Central Post Magazines in excellent condition
with no mailing labels attached.

July 1, 1968, March 1969, May 1969, June 1969, October 1970

Option Number 3,

If you don't have any PC Railroader or Penn Central Post Magazines, but
would like to obtain some, I would be willing to trade magazines I have
for other Penn Central items I'm looking for that are equal too. If
anyone is interested contact me. Please NONE of the PC Railroader or
Penn Central Post Magazines are for sale (TRADE ONLY).




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