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PC: Re: PC papers, etc.

At 11:48 PM 1/9/99 EST, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:
>Anyone know what CR did with the PC papers they got when they took over PC?
>John W. 


   I can speak to this from a local (as opposed to system-wide)
perspective...there was a written order from the Cleveland Division
Superintendent which was addressed to middle management (terminal supt's.,
road foremen, trainmasters, yardmasters, etc.), and it identified a
procedure for gathering all obsolete paper and equipment from storage in
various yard and terminal buildings and forwarding it to a central archive.

   At Collinwood (Cleveland) yard where I worked, I saw this process taking
place, and everything from NYC switch keys and locks, PC & NYC timetables,
locomotive instruction/operation manuals, signal instruction booklets,
elastic cuff protectors with PC logo, lanterns, to you name it...got boxed
up and shipped out.

   Whether this process was followed to a "T" at all locations around
Cleveland (i.e., did every old trainsheet from every tower get archived?) is
unknown to me. But there was indeed a means identified and (at least to some
extent) followed for gathering things up.

Bob Rothrock

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