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PC: Sideframes on Ex-PRR SD45/40

>Garrett the SD-40's in the block 6040-6104 were ex PRR and all had the
>front mounted hand brake.

Found some PRR photos in RNE- confirmed this-

SD-45 and then numbered them after the SD-40's.   SD-45's were
>numbered 6105- 6234 in one block.  PC then decided to order 5 more SD-45's
>numbered them after the ex PRR SD-45's 6235-6239.

I have seen two styles of sideframe, one with the brake cylinders mounted at
the top of the frames, above the outside wheels-  The earlier block of SD 40
locos appear to have the brake gear on the inside, as do ex-PRR SD45s.
The only example of somthing close is made by Train Staion Products, and is
called the "Flexicoil C".  My "proto photos" are mostly bad black-and-white,
so picking out detail is a little rough.  Are these the frames for both my
40 and 45 as I am modeling both as ex-PRR and I will be keeping them in PRR
(as of now, may give in to the worms....)

This will help me get my next two loco projects underway.

Is the A-Line repower for Athern locos worthwhile?  The SD 40 has an
Athern-type frame and my stewart U25B as well-  I wish they ran better.

Thanks for the help fellas-

Garrett Rea

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