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Re: PC: Theft or Salvage?

CSX has its good points and bad points. They donated the L&N archives to
the University of Louisville, where they are being cataloged by the
president of the historical society (and former L&N employee). In the
last few years they have donated quite a few cabooses to trackside
communities. CSX has operated a few passenger specials; most have been
business or campaign trains, but they are not 100 % anti-excursion (maybe

On the other hand, CSX has been quite aggressive about demolishing
lineside structures if they are unused. In my area one major depot and a
tower have been recently demolished. Another tower has been marked for

Last year I went searching for an "invisible" L&N passenger car. It was
on CSX property, but it was hidden (much like the Pennsy E7). When I got
to its location, I first thought it had been discovered and scrapped, but
I talked to an employee who told me where it was. When I found the car,
it was marked "scrap in place" but someone in Jacksonville had been
contacted and gave the car a stay of execution.

CSX employees (in my experience) are reasonable with railfans. If you ask
"can I take a picture of the XYZ over there" they may say yes. On the
other hand, if you just drive into the middle of a hump yard and set up
camp expect a visit from a white truck. Right now railfans have a chance
with CSX; this will end when too many idiots forget that they are guests
and act like they own the railroad and have a right to be there.

Bryan Turner
>On the other hand, I've haven't heard much about CSX at all as far as 
>relations" go with them.  So I cant admit if I do or don't like CSX.  
>out there know how CSX really is?  
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