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Re: PC: Theft or Salvage?

Ken R Jr writes:

>         The NS Police are crooked anyway. They
> would lock up there own mother if she came on NS property. Railfans, we
> have rights!!!

Please enumerate.  I'm quite interested to hear about these rights.
Please provide decent references as well.


I'm just now puting the final touches on my SD38. (#6951)  It started out
with a Railpower shell.  At first I was going to just install a Cannon
cab. Then I added the cab sub base. Then I hacked off the low nose and
replaced it with a Cannon.  I picked up a Cannon high hood end and replaced
that.  Then I bought a whole pile of Cannon doors and made up my own sides
along with the radiator grilles, dust bin and blower housing.  Top that off
with the paper air filter box from an Athearn SD40-2 and I wound up with
a mostly Cannon SD38 sitting on some Railpower walkways and steps.

Mr. Cannon:  When will you be making EMD Step Kits???

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