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Re: PC: Theft or Salvage?

     If you want to slavage, come to South Jersey.  I have already been 
to salvage many cool documents from the last two existing towers in the 
reigon.  I also salvage insulators and copper wire from telegraph poles 
and once I salvaged a new can of spikes.  In the mid 80's they cut down 
all the old PRR signals on the old Atlantic City main and my shop 
teacher salvaged a mast, aspect and light array so with some work he can 
errect a working signal in his yard.  The biggest South Jersey salvage 
was when they cut doen all the telegraph poles along the AC main.  Some 
guy near Pamona NJ got about 50 poles complete with all the insulators 
and he uses them lined up side by side as a fence.  It circles his yard 
with some stand alones in the middle.

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