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Re: PC: Re: Train control box mounting

Garrett the SD-40's in the block 6040-6104 were ex PRR and all had the lever
front mounted hand brake. # 6240-6284 were ordered by PC and all had the rear
deck mounted wheel type hand brake. The reason there is two blocks is the PRR
ordered the SD-40's first numbered them in the 6040-6104 block then decided to
go with the SD-45 and then numbered them after the SD-40's.   SD-45's were
numbered 6105- 6234 in one block.  PC then decided to order 5 more SD-45's and
numbered them after the ex PRR SD-45's 6235-6239. The SD-45's had some
crankshaft problems and the PC still needing some more six axles and finding
that the SD-40's were more reliable decided to order the 6240-6284 group. The
PC order came with the brake wheels mounted on the back platform. I guess the
PC could of renumbered the early SD-45's to make room for the new ones but
choose not to do so therefore the number gap.   When CR came about and with
the ex RDG and EL SD-45's needing to be renumbered and having more SD-45's
than SD-40 they chose to pace the EX RDG units as 6100-6104 and the ex EL
units as 6066-6099 therefore putting all SD-45's in one block. They moved the
ex PRR and ex PC units along with the ex CNJ/B&O SD-40's into the 6240-6357
block. The ex PC 6240-6284 kept their original numbers all the ex PRR units
were renumbered. 
              Hope this helps, Ken McCorry

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