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Re: PC: Re: Train control box mounting

Here is the real question:

The roster for PC in 1975 shows SD 40 in blocks 6040-6041 and 6240-6284 with
SD 45 in 6015-6239.  Why two blocks and what is the difference?   Did one
group of SD40 have the lever style brakes, I know the later of the two
blocks did not- PC 6264 has no lever up front.

CR had SD45 (6066-6239, note PC above, 135 in '75 and CR 175) and , SD40
(6240-6357, CR 116 units, PC having 110 in '75) so adjustments were made for
the new-kids-on-the-block, but no two blocks of SD40s, unlike PC.  So why
one block now??

(conrail data 1977)


Thanks in advance,

Garrett Rea-
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Subject: Re: PC: Re: Train control box mounting

>I stand corrected on the hand brakes on EL SD45s. These were renumbered to
>harmonize with the  the former PC/PRR SD45s. I believe all the SD40s then
>the 6000 series got renumbered into the 6300 series to harmonize with the
>SD40-2s then being delivered. I heard a report that one former EL SD45 is
>still floating around down at Altoona and not on any official roster. I
>how many other locomotives not on any roster are down there but being used
>shop switchers or test beds?
>Jim Mancuso

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