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PC: Re: Train control box mounting

Conrail Power 2 shows one (SD45 #6085CR blue paint, so it may not be a PC
loco for that matter) with it tucked in by the hood, foot ahead of cab,
small two strap box.  U25s and GP30s in same book used huge three strap
type, anyone make these in HO-  I have been using the (incorrect) small ones
on everything.

SD40s- some had a lever style brake on the nose, while others used a wheel
on the end of the long hood like an SD45.  My RPP shell has the lever up
front.  What was the difference?  Also, why in the PC numbering are there
two groups of SD40s with SD45s in the middle?  Second set bought after
merger or late in PRR?  Different generation?  HELP!!!

GP9B in CR power 2 shows an "F" at the steps at the short hood end- CR#3806,
minimal (black) repaint.

Why did some locos only get worms and no PENN CENTRAL on the sides while
others of the same loco get both?


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Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 4:02 PM
Subject: PC: Train control box mounting

>Was wondering if anyone knows of a STANDARD mounting procedure for this on
>PRR/PC SD45's. I have photos of the box next to the hood, as much as 10-15
>inches away and with or without a mounting strap connected to the hood.
>a timeline or demarcation for the 2 strap vs 3 strap box. BTW I have the PC
>power book and most of the views in it are not conclusive. We really need a
>Withersesque roster book for roads like the PC(and the L&N)hint hint

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