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Re: PC: Theft or Salvage?

I've heard NS isn't one of the best RR's from other sources, and from the way
it sounds on the list, it isn't!

On the other hand, I've haven't heard much about CSX at all as far as "railfan
relations" go with them.  So I cant admit if I do or don't like CSX.  Anyone
out there know how CSX really is?  I'm a New York Central fan, so I'm glad CSX
will get the majority of the old NYC, even though NS is unfortunately getting
it west of Amtrak's "Lakefront" Cleveland station.  I also like how CSX has
been fighting off the disturbances whiny Canadian Pacific has been causing CSX
in the CR split up.

Also, anyone know how CSX is on historical structures or documents they have
acquired from C&O, B&O, WM, ACL, SAL, L&N, Clinchfield, Monon, and now Conrail
through the years?  Do they usually let the old stations stand and rot until a
taker is found to buy and restore it, or do they knock them down left and

Anyone know what CR did with the PC papers they got when they took over PC?

John W. 

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