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PC: Theft or Salvage?

When the P&L took over from the ICG,they just dumped all the IC stuff into
the dumpster. Same for the Southern when they bought out CSX's portion of
the K&IT. It's as if they want to eradicate any evidence of existence of the
other road. Plus a lot of employees will give you out of date material. I
recieve tons of NS mechanical paper goods in this fashion. I have about 5 of
the new NS/Conrail maps. I'm waiting for the new roster listings and
mechanical locomotive drawings. At the old PC engine house in Jeffersonville
Indiana there are tons of old E-L paper goods stashed in the attic space
over the office. These were offered to me,but I would have to have a 24'
Ryder to get it all home and then find a place to store it. I passed. I
guess my point is that once its old,out of date or in the trash it's fair
game. Otherwise the NS police would be at every GATS show confiscating NEW
timetables,profile books and rule books. Where did the dealer obtain them?
>From some employee willing to make a few bucks for no investment of his own
and little or no danger to his job.

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