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Re: PC: RDC operation

The GG1 was a bidirectional engine, so that either end, as long as it had a
headlight and other required lights could be the Front end. The GP9Bs which
had headlights on both ends and F7Bs    would be another matter, since, unless
equipped with hostler controls, were not intended to be moved about
independently of an A unit. Some B units equipped with a headlight at one and
AND hostler controls had the light equipped end as the front end if being
hostled about when making up locomotive consists, etc. This is kind of a hazy
area for me, I am at least partly guessing at it as mention of  Front or Rear
on B units is not exactly something I am all that well versed on. As a General
rule, on roadswitcher type diesels, the short end, which is where the controls
usually face  is the front end. In the case of many Norfolk Southern diesels,
particularly the many N&W and Southern units still on the roster, the long end
is the Front of the locomotive since these units were set up to run long end
first. most N&W units had dual controls, Southerns have just one control stand
and that faces the long end. I hope this is making sense.

Jim Mancuso

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