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PC: The joke's on me

Mr Campbell's comment and my reply must have caught a couple of you so here
it is-

A while back I commented that whenever I (my father has had this luck for
years too) go the hard way of doing something, someone comes out with it.  I
bought the new Atlas U23B last May all pissed that they did not do it in PC,
so I buy the Undecorated RR version and paint it- boom, they produce one,
superdetail a Bachman GP30- boom P2K releases one.  Now that I am working on
a Rail Power  SD 40 that I will have way too much time and money in (should
have hunted for an old Kato one) someone will come out with one the week
after I finnish mine.

Same thing will happen with the Flexi-van  -we could all hope  :-)

Sorry for the confusion-

Garrett Rea

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