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PC: Fw: RR management vs fans and collectors

>From "dear old dad"


>I think the main problem is that, except for a few special cases such as
>the Brothers Claytor, RR management is corporate management period.
>Their responsibility is to run the RR in a way that produces the best
>return for their stockholders...PERIOD. Modern liability cases have made
>even limited toleration of fans impossible.
>A few years ago Battelle shut down the last of its "big" CDC main frames.
>There were the end of an era that began in the early 60's.  I can't
>imagine our managements reaction to protests from computer fans or
>attempts to  steal pieces. "They are a pain in the ass"  would have been
>of the milder reactions.
>A decade later we did in or VAX system.  We offered the whole thing free
>to a number of organizations.  The only taker was a local high  school
>teacher who was willing  to take the printer.  You helped me load it into
>his van!  But had it or any part been stolen I am sure Battelle would
>have prosecuted.
>Enough philosophy.

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