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PC: Re: Walthers American Crane

I saw these up in Ohio- How are they and did you get a powered on and/or

Garrett Rea

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From: Seth Lakin <s_lakin -AT- hotmail.com>
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Date: Saturday, January 09, 1999 7:11 AM
Subject: PC: Walthers American Crane

>Yesterday I picked up one of Walthers' new American Crane. I want to
>paint it into Penn Central, if PC had them. So the first question asked
>is did PC have any American Cranes that matches the Walthers' prototype.
>If so what were the number series and was the cab painted yellow like
>PC's Burrow Cranes or Black like PC's wreck cranes. Any photos would
>also help. I know that CR got some American Cranes from the Reading,
>were there any other hand me downs that Conrail ended up with.
>Thanks in advance,
>Seth Lakin
>Chesterton IN
>Modeling Conrail in the early years 1978.
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