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Re: PC: PC car sighting

Kenneth Roble, Jr. wrote:
>        Walt,
>             My brother went to various places in north east Ohio,
> specifically Lourdestown, Niles, Canton and Ashtabula. He seen a lot of
> PC gondolas in these areas. In Ashtabula he saw the PC boxcar the Jerry
> Jordak photographed on put the PC Homepage. He seen a PC gondola with
> the "NYC" marking for
> CSXT. If you photograph trains, get all the Conrail and related items
> you can. RDG cars
> are seeing the "NYC" markings now!
>  Ken R JR

You are right, I wish I hade been closer and had my camera. I'm starting
to carry one of those disposable cameras with me, They actually take
pretty good pics, probably better than some of the older more expensive


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