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PC: Re: Internet Message

Jerome et al:

>everr hear of Finders...Keepers?

Yep-  ever hear of five to ten years of shower dances with bubba though?

Case in point, I worked for a year in school on a collection of coal company
records from the turn of the century.  The records were moved by a town and
the new landowner out of a vault that they were stored in since the 1900's
to start a village museum.  The propery owner and the city took two
full-size vans of material and put it in a leaky garage!  The university and
State Historical Society SEIZED the records, before they were all lost.
Yours truly got to read the moldy, water damaged records ( I have not been
able to breathe through my nose since.)

The point, the "do gooders" that "saved" these (from an air-tight vault that
took a day to open with a torch) almost ruined the whole lot of material
that had important historical, legal, labor relations, and environmental
value.  The city and company had no idea how to keep such a collection,
catalog it, or anything, but did not want to give it up.  Mentality- if we
can't figure it out, no one will.

It is a shame what is lost by those with no regard to the past but remember
that any business has one and only one worry.....$$


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