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PC: Artifacts or theft, AF lightweight Pullmans


And folks wonder why Norfolk Southern is cracking down!!

When I was in the environmental business on a demo sight I would, only if
the salvage company (who were now "legal owners" of the contents of the
building) said o.k., take ANY items, paperwork, vacuum tubes, diesel factory
repair manuals, deco lamps, etc.  Stealing is a crime, along with
trespassing, and violators of both should and will be hit hard.  Legally,
this makes you no different than they junky that is using a tower to shoot
up in or the kids throwing rocks at passing commuter trains.  Granted, it
the best intentions are at heart, but in the eyes of legal departments,
whose only interest is loss control, you are a criminal.

Yes, it is a shame what gets thrown out- but often a request through the
proper channels can get you what you want.  This is how one friend of the
family got all of his railroad stuff from a roundhouse prior to demolition,
all legal, all assisted, and all in his office/museum and not lost forever.

Enough soapbox.

The Pullman lightweights-  I see that other cars including parlours (pg..
12)  and round end obs (26) were included in the  PC paint book.  I have
heard that sleepers were made as well, (may have been earlier Osgood design
and not the fluted cars as well) anyone with info on these, including
floorplans?  (10-6?)


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>Mea culpa. Back in March 1976, I went out exploring at rail sites around
>Boston. I saw an old NH baggage car stored alongside the roadway in
>Readville. Inside were old NH paper items, switching papers from 1962-63,
>oversize load and repair placards, etc. Although most of the items were
>soaked in old motor oil, I bagged a bunch of them and brought them home. I
>wound up throwing a lot of stuff out as it was a real fire hazard, but I'm
>glad I kept what I kept. Someday, I'll sort through it all. On the same
>day, I picked up a bunch of old tie date nails in Braintree.
>Do I feel bad about doing this? No, not really. It is not the case that if
>I didn't help myself to these things, someone else would have. However, if
>I didn't seize the opportunity back then, very likely this stuff would have
>been lost forever. This subtlely differentiates what I did from someone who
>steals builders plates off of active rail equipment or walks off with other
>things that they shouldn't be taking. I think that a great deal of items
>obtained this way quickly find their way to sales tables at flea markets
>and train meets.  None of the items I took are of extreme historic
>significance, but they are interesting to look at.
>As a kid in 1971-72, I used to take the destination placards off of
>delivered box cars. I still have them all. I look back on those days with
>good feelings and no guilt.

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