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Re: PC: New PC stuff

> Gene regarding the heavy duty flat question earlier In the NYC color guide
> there are shots of 499092, 498996 and 498989 all depressed center cars and all
> are painted black. Looks like they used the standard flat paint scheme on
> their heavy duty cars as well. Hope this helps.                 

Yup, I've looked at those shots as well. (I have all of the PC related color
guides)  It's just that the B&W photo in the magazine article really looks
like a two-tone paint scheme.  The Greeneville well cars have that "strip"
along the bottom.  That's is what is showing up as a different color in
this particular photo.  In all likelyhood, it's just that it's at a
different angle to the sun and camera and it's refelcting light
differently than the rest of the car.

Thanks for helping out.


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