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Re: PC: New Haven Varnish

>Model Railroader ran a Paint Shop article on these cars sometime back in

That was the earlier car, this is the later fluted one.  Both are nice kits,
as my father bought one of these cars for his fictitious road.  Thanks for
the tip, it is a good article as it covers assembly as well.

Let my model railroder subscription drop (I am getting weekly renewal
notices now).  Picked up Model Railroading, looks like a better magazine for
my interests.  Building the Wisconsin Central in 4X8 was getting a little
old, the new format they have adopted is just a little too slick for me, and
they droped some good departments (droping Student Fare, if that is not
shooting your future in the foot!!).  Model Railroding is a little thiner,
but not as many adverts either.


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