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Re: PC: Re: Phase of PC GP-30s

>   If your going to use the Bachman model, it's right for the Pennsy units as
> Bachmans model matches the later phase.  I'm not sure what the new life like
> model is going to be.

As I pointed out earlier, the P2K model will be a PhII.

Also note that up until now, all HO scale GP30 locos had a flaw in the
spacing of the radiator fans. The first dies cut for the GP30 used a
pre-production drawing that showed the fans space wider than how they ended
up being placed on the production models.  All subsequent rehashes of the
GP30 have copied this flaw.  This isn't a difficult thing to fix as long as
you are aware of it. As a matter of fact, it's almost unoticeable when you
have a single GP30 hanging out by itself.

I have read that the P2K models will have correct fan spacing.  If you MU
your P2K with one of the uncorrected older GP30's you will see the

Time to rebuild that Spectrum I have...

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