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Re: PC: Phase of PC GP-30s

> I am considering purchasing a couple of GP-30s in HO scale. Can anyone tell
> me what production phase the ex-PRR and ex-NYC units were, and what the
> identifiers between different phases are?

Here is an excerpt from "The GP30 story" that can be found at:


GP30 Phase Variations
Defined by Jerry Moyers

All Phase I:   Both sides of cab same length

Phase Ia
Fabricated slats on cab heater unit. Low radiator shutter guards Paneled
air compartment box.

Phase Ib
Same as Ia except punched louvers on cab heater inlet.

Phase Ic
Same as Ia except has solid air compartment box (All B&O units)

All Phase II: Left side of cab 10" longer than right side.

Phase IIa
Paneled air compartment box. Louvered cab heater inlets. Low radiator
shutter guards.

Phase IIb
Same as IIa except has solid air compartment box.

Phase IIc
Same as IIb except has radiator shutter guards raised outward about 1". All
orders initiated after 1/63 appear to be Phase IIc.

Size of fuel tank and presence or lack of dynamic brakes were customer
options and did not reflect "Phase" changes.


The P2K model will be a PhII, what type of PhII is not clear yet.

All 10 NYC GP30 locos were all PhI and Pennsy's 52 GP30's were all PhII.  

What I find odd is that a Pennsylvania offering is *not* in the first
release of the P2K GP30's.  Pennsy always sells well, go figure...

See a photo of a P2K Rio Grande unit and a description at:

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