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PC: Re: U18B

SCL and MEC were the only significant purchasers of the U18B, with the
bulk going to SCL. CSX ran them up to a few years ago, but all of them
are off of the roster except for a few that are used as MofW locomotives
in the 9000's. (They were 200's and 300's on SCL and 1800's and 1900's on
CSX.) There are fuel tank variations on the SCL units (some had small
tanks to reduce weight) and some used EMD trucks.

I think P&W may have bought a few new and maybe one went to an industrial
user in Texas.

These unique locomotives may finally start roaming the former PC - at
least on the parts controlled by CSX. CSX converted quite a few four axle
U Boats (18, 23) and four axle pre-Dash 2 GE (30, 38, 40) to MofW
locomotives when they started purging the roster of these units. These
units have been downgraded an can only lead trains at a reduced speed (30
mph). They are sometimes seen as trailing units in freights, either in
ferry moves or as additional power. They are painted a color that I call
Safety Cone Orange. They almost glow when new, but the paint has faded
quite a bit on some.

These are great little branch line locomotives. Lionel made an HO model
many moons ago, but I believe it was only offered in roads that never had
the unit!

There was an export version, too. GE offered a switcher version and a
B18-7, but none were ordered or built. I've seen general manuals from GE
for the Dash Sevens that include the B18-7 as one of the models covered!

I realize this is getting off of the PC topic. If anyone has any
questions, feel free to contact me directly. These unusual locomotives
are one of my favorite GE models.

Bryan Turner
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